Members Area

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Jane, Sharon, Ruth, Norma, Joyce, Amy
Kathryn, Lindsey, Nobuko, Yukiko, Cynthia, Jean, Diane


Robbie, Verna, Lorene, Lacey, Donna, Karen Matsunaga, Karen Miyazaki,
Gail, Barbara, Ginny, Lillian, Jessica, Leina'ala


Wilfred, Kazuo, Milton, Ken, Mitchell, Donald


Hideo, Ben, Myron, Kimon


Rudy, Creig, Rod

2 thoughts on “Members Area

  1. Hi, my husband and I enjoyed your Christmas concert! We used the contact sheet… if you will give me your phone number, I’d like to give it to my friend who lives in Kalihi and used to sing with a choir in Kailua. Thank you & Merry Christmas! Aloha, Sandy Dobesh
    (808)247-9462 if calling (402)984-2132 if texting


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