Angie Delight, Music Director          Creig Lam, President

Aloha Friends and Supporters!
Our Spring Concert will feature favorite songs
of Hawai’i, including some of
Queen Lili’uokalani’s own compositions.
Admission is free.

For more information, contact us at
or call Creig Lam at 808-256-1414.

Watch our live Christmas Concert - December, 2021


Voices of Aloha can trace its roots back to 1916, when the Gleemen of Honolulu was formed. Notable members of this group included Sen. Daniel Akaka, Gov. Lawrence Judd, Charles K.L. Davis and Charles E. King
In 1984, Shigeru Hotoke became the director of Gleemen of Honolulu. In 1992, he opened the group to women and changed the name to Gleemen Plus. Mark Yasuhara assumed directorship in 2007 and  during his tenure the name was changed once again, to Voices of Aloha. Hari Bayani took over in 2018, followed by Sangeet Gelhorn for two seasons. Angie Delight has been our Music Director since 2019.
From the very beginning, Gleemen, Gleemen Plus and Voices of Aloha has been a civic, community-minded choral group. We are open to all who love music and can carry their part, whether they read music or not. Voices of Aloha performs regularly for care homes and retirement communities, in addition to presenting large public concerts each Spring and Holiday season. Our music selections cover a broad range from classical and contemporary to pop and Hawaiian favorites.
The chorus is currently comprised of about 30 members who span a range of ages and backgrounds. Our unifying passion is a love of music and singing. There is a synergy when many voices are raised together in harmony. It brings joy and purpose to life!

Our Director

Angie Delight has been playing the piano since she was 4-years old. Brought up in a musical family, she furthered her talent by receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree, with two majors in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy and two minors in Vocal and Saxophone Performance, in three years at Bethel College in Indiana. By the age of 22, Angie received her Masters Degree from Western Michigan University, where she was awarded an Excellence in Teaching Award. Angie has completed two original CD recordings entitled “Manifest” and “Eternal Moment.”


The Mission of Voices of Aloha is to create a fellowship of singers through the power and joy of choral singing, to share beautiful music with our community and to inspire and entertain our audiences through song.


Our Vision is to continue the rich 100-year-old legacy handed down to us from The Gleemen of Honolulu. Their legacy was to “help make our island home a more enjoyable place to live through sharing
our music with others.” We will accomplish this by creating musical programs that challenge and strengthen our members’ musical abilities as well as by reaching out to the larger community with free concerts at rehabilitation facilities, senior communities and public venues. As a non-audition group, we welcome all who want to share in the joy of singing choral music.


tel: 808-256-1414
Facebook: Voices of Aloha
P.O. Box 283170
Honolulu HI 96828-3170
Non-profit 501(c)3
FED ID 47-126932